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Massimiliano Soriente was born November 24, 1971 in Salerno, a wonderful seaside town also surrounded by some reliefs that make it an enchanting setting between mountains and sea and that has always inspired play in marine views or greenery.
He realized as a teenager, to have the natural gift of painting and drawing.
He liked to draw comics and to show them to classmates, then bitten by the painting, a more mature age. It 'a self-taught painter and prefers the Impressionist paintings and realistic; he likes to create, above all, landscapes and still lifes, and when is going to paint it as if completely abandon the world around them and to enter into a fantasy world and entrancing; through painting will express a thousand emotions and the same number if they send the other.
Leonardo da Vinci said that the art of painting was visual poetry, he believes he was right.
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Massimiliano Soriente